What I’m About


My name is Jamila Anahata and I literally eat, breathe, and sleep all things consciousness! This journey began almost five years ago when I decided to take charge of my health after too much strife with acne problems, constipation, annoying weight fluctuations, and a host of other discomforts by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Little did I know that this switch would completely transform my outlook on life and consider my impact on others (humans and animals), the environment, and my holistic health. Over a short period of time with this new lifestyle change, I have mostly healed myself holistically, got in touch with being, become eco-conscious, and opened my mind to world issues that affect marginalized folk. The journey is never-ending though, so follow me on my ride of creating affordable vegan recipes, practicing yoga/meditation/spirituality, experiencing low-cost eco-friendly living, acknowledging social justice issues, maintaining health & wellness motivation, and so much more!